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Trapet Precision Engineering

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Data protection procedures:

We do not monitor or evaluate or store the personal data of visitors of our web pages. Direct communications e.g. by e-mail, whatsapp and in paper form with our clients or potential clients or providers are stored as needed for the preparation of offers, contracts, manufacturing of products, elaboration of doumentation and invoicing. Such data we store confidentially for an indefinite period of time. A client or provider may contact us via the above e-mail address and request a partial or complete deletion of such data. Should you by error receive an e-mail from us which was not meant for you, please delete it and inform us.


Websites of representatives and others:

The fact that we produce, sell, and calibrate artefacts in our ISO17025-accredited laboratory (ISM3D) makes us the ideal soure to rent such artefacts for temporal use.

Rental of artefacts may have one or several of the following advantages:

- no need to have a budget for investment,

- often money for maintenance and calibration is less difficult to obtain than for investment,

- no need to manage extra equipment: the calibration and maintenance is taken care of by us,

- a great variety of artefacts is available, no need to decide for one or a few only and compromise on best fit for purpose

- expenses disributed over time


Most products described on this web page are available for hire. Below find a list of artefacts available with aproximate rental rates. Other designs and sizes can be made available if the request is not too specific.

The indicated price yields for 1 week, for every consecutive week calculate 50% of the price for the first week.


ESCALON ball beams

(most of them available with inclination table and/or  tripods and/or  column type fixtures):

- 120 mm, 3 mm balls ,   [400 EUR]

- 600 mm, 13 balls d=15 mm with inclination table   [700 EUR]

- 1000 mm 21 balls d=15mm with column fixtures   [800 EUR]

- 1200 mm 25 balls d=18 mm (3D beam)   [900 EUR]

- 1000 mm 52 balls d=3mm with column fixtures   [800 EUR]

- 2000 mm 21 balls d=15 mm with tripods or column fixtures  [900 EUR]

- 2000 mm 21 balls d=3mm (2D beam)

Optical scales ("Video ESCALONs"), L=200 mm, L=650 mm, ( L=300 mm, L=1000 mm in preparation);

available with inclination table   [400 EUR],  [1200 EUR]

Diverse dumbbells for laser scanners and fringe projectors, e.g.

-  d=40, L= 80

-  d=80, L=140

-  d=160, L=500


Miniature dumbbell set from 10 mm to 150 mm for checking Z-axes of optical CMMs, with holder     [500 EUR]

Disassemblable ball bars

- 3 m with tripods [1000 EUR]

- 5 m with tripods  [1200 EUR]


- 400 mm [600 EUR]

- 700 mm [700 EUR]

- 900 mm (disassemblable) [800 EUR]

Ball beam 300 mm with white mat spheres d=15 mm (for fringe projectors)