Verical placement of 2 m ESCALON, the vertical axis of the machine has only 1000 mm stroke

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2.7 m long ESCALON Ball Beam on an 11 m x 2 m x 1 m  CMM , in the 11 m long axis four stitched positions were meaasured

Note that the precision of shifting plays no first order role for the results.

2 Photographs below: Courtesy Bombardier Germany

2 m  ESCALON on 3 m CMM requires stitching/overlapping in spacediagonals

Mounting a 2 m ESCALON in vertical position



The following photographs show precision-joint ESCALON bars

Courtesy: Zeiss Mexico

2.1 m beam with precision joint in middle, on mounting tube and with column fixtures of carbon fibre

The bar can be rotated in holder; this facilitates measurement with offset probe stylus according to ISOO10360-2

The joint is usually made of a ceramic ball and a ceramic ring, both precision-lapped to each other. Strong magnets hold the two bars together with a constant force 

The precision joint repeats to about 0.0005 mm.

The length across the joint is calibrated.

The columns and pivot heads allow the placement in virtually any desired measurement line in the CMM volume